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Surfer Matt Scorringe Stands Up For Cancer Rehab!

Photo by Cory Scott

Surfer Matt Scorringe stands up for cancer rehab

Starboard Paddle For Hope 2014

High Performance Surf Coach Matt Scorringe knows a little about recovering from cancer after being diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2010.  Over the course of the next two years Matt underwent extensive chemotherapy treatment, studied and learned as much as he could about natural health, nutrition and wellbeing and went on to win his fight with cancer. 

Matt is now looking forward to getting involved with the Paddle For Hope’s new PaddleOn program, a stand up paddle group rehabilitation program The Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust is developing to help people gain back strength and confidence after cancer treatments. 

"I think theres great synergy between paddle for hope and the next step of 'learning to surf’,” says Matt.  

"I’m actually a massive fan of paddle boarding for fitness and small wave fun.  I’m based in Whangamata which has a lot of flat spells so its something I would love to do more here when the waves are small." 

 Matt will be donning pink and paddling with a team of Whangamata surfers in the Starboard Paddle For Hope relay race on Sat 1 November in Auckland’s St Mary’s Bay, Westhaven to help raise money to fund the launch of PaddleOn to men and women with all types of cancer, and also give cancer sufferers access to the Pinc and Steel rehabilitation programs.

 “As a surfer and a cancer surviver myself I am so thrilled to be involved in such an amazing and fun event to help raise awareness for cancer” says Matt.

Over 20,000 New Zealanders get diagnosed with cancer every year, with these numbers expected to double over the next 20 years.  Research shows that at least 1 in 4 people will face poor health or disability after cancer treatment.  In New Zealand that is at least 5000 people a year, every year, suffering from the long-term consequences of cancer and its treatment, and there is no ACC or government funding to help these people recover.

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust works with people affected by cancer to help them improve their strength, flexibility, quality of life and  general wellbeing through rehabilitation and exercise.Lou James, founder of PINC and STEEL says there is a large amount of international research now showing compelling evidence that rehabilitation and physical exercise can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life when affected by cancer, including reducing the side effects of treatment, improving quality of life and prognosis.

 “Large observational research studies of women suffering from breast cancer show a 50 – 53% increased chance of suvival if they undertake regualr moderate intensity exercise, “ says Ms James.

“There are also large observational studies showing that 3 hours per week of moderate intensity physical activiy after diagnosis of colon cancer can have a 39 – 59% reduction in death due to colon cancer.”  

“If there was a drug that produced those results everyone would be taking it,” says Ms James.

"There have been great strides in clinical treatment for cancer, but with little or no rehabilitation and exercise support people often suffer long term effects from cancer treatment which can be a barrier to getting back to exercise, sport and lesure activities people love.

“Exercise has an incredible effect on your body and mind and it can help people shift their focus from illness to wellness.

“Exercise like stand up paddle boarding is an excellent,  fun, safe and relatively easy physical activity cancer sufferers can do to improve their health and wellbeing, so we are thrilled to be the charity receiving the funds from the Starboard Paddle for Hope festival this year,” says Ms James.

Starboard Paddle for Hope event director, Victoria Stuart, says coming together with Pinc and Steel to raise more funds for people who are suffering from cancer and improve their quality of life and well being through rehabilitation and exercise is a great forward-thinking approach to tackling the effects of cancer.

“When new evidence and research points towards exercise as a major contributor to improving survival rates in cancer sufferers, you have to work together and do whatever you can to get as many people into programmes like PINC and STEEL as fast as you can,” says Ms Stuart.

“So I implore all Kiwis in and around Auckland on November 1 to come and take part in Paddle for Hope.

“It’s a great event and anyone who can stand up, can stand up paddle board.”

“If you like the idea of Paddle For Hope but have never been on a paddle board, come and do a lesson at one of our Keep Calm and Paddle On workshops on October 14, or try it for free at Takapuna on Sunday October 12th, or Judges Bay on Sunday October 19 or visit http://www.paddleforhope.co.nz/get-on-board/learn-to-sup/,” says Ms Stuart.

To show your support for Matt as he paddles for hope, please visit pfh2014.everydayhero.com/nz/matt

Here’s how your donation can help:

·       $80…  gives a cancer sufferer an individual one-hour assessment with a specialist PINC or STEEL cancer rehab  physio so they can take their first steps on the road to recovery

·       $170… gives a cancer sufferer 3 sessions with a PINC or STEEL physio so they can start to move freely again and enjoy their favourite leisure activities

·       $260... allows a cancer sufferer to have 5 individualised, prescribed cancer rehabilitation sessions with a PINC or STEEL physio, so they can gain the strength they need to once again exercise and play sport

·       $300… lets a cancer sufferer participate in a 10-week PaddleOn Stand Up Paddle Group Rehabilitation program, allowing them to gain strength and confidence and to share their recovery with others

·       $485… can fund someone suffering from physical impairments after cancer treatments to have 10-session individualised cancer rehab program with a PINC or STEEL physio, so they are able to get back to work and provide for their families

 For more information please go to http://www.paddleforhope.co.nz/.   To register for the Starboard Paddle for Hope festival on November 1st visit http://www.paddleforhope.co.nz/get-on-board/register/ and to register for The Keep Calm and Paddle On Wellness and SUP Workshops’ visit http://www.paddleforhope.co.nz/get-on-board/keep-calm-and-paddle-on/.

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