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SUP for Surf Lifesaving

Starboard.  Proud to support Surf Lifesaving Northern Region.


The new Starboard Ocean Rescue Board is here!  Ideally suited for all types of lifesaving activities, the Starboard Ocean Rescue Board can be ordered now for Summer 014-015.

Download the Ocean Rescue Protocol here


Starboard SUPSNZ wants to support surf lifesaving efforts by offering a valuable new piece of equipment to add to your rescue kit at a very affordable price.  The Ocean Rescue Board also doubles as a great new piece of training/exercise equipment and will appeal to lifeguards of all ages for on-water activity. 

The benefits of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards as a rescue tool are numerous, as Piha lifeguard and Seacleaners founder Hayden Smith has experienced.

Testimonial from Hayden:

I am a surf lifeguard at Piha Surf Lifesaving club. I have been trialling the Starboard “Ocean Rescue” board since October 2010.
The Ocean Rescue board is a fantastic piece of equipment, which handles great and performs amazingly in the toughest of conditions, that we all know Piha famously for.
What I have enjoyed so much about the Ocean Rescue board, is the visibility that only an SUP can provide. Standing up behind the surf break, gives you a wonderful perspective of the beach, the lifeguard towers and the beach swimmers.
It does take some practice, to become a proficient user in surf, however surf lifesavers are generally athletes who love to train, especially in the sea, and no surf equipment is easy to use as a novice.
There are from my viewpoint some great opportunities for SLNZ and its sponsors to consider purchasing the Ocean Rescue for regional surf sports as well as, regular surf patrols. I believe that every beach patrolled by SLNZ should  in-fact have one, if not two of the Ocean Rescue boards between the flags or behind the surf break patrolling our waters for the safety of the public, as there are also no on-going running costs.
The board is of great design, with the multiple handles for distressed patients to hold on too, and the thick rails enable the board to carry multiple people. In worst case scenarios I have found the board is also easy to paddle while lying prone, and co-incidentally this is how you return patients to the coast.

Benefits to Surf Life Saving Northern Region Clubs

  • Starboard NZ offers a 25% discount to clubs on every board sold:  RRP $2090 for Ocean Rescue Astro Package with adjustable paddle, 25% discount = $1570
  • The board can be positioned as rescue equipment for funding grants.
  • Free training/demo days with SUP instruction courtesy of Starboard SUPSNZ.
  • The Ocean Rescue boards can be specially branded with a two-colour logo (great for sponsor branding)
  • Additional boards (other than Ocean Rescue boards) can be provided by Starboard SUPSNZ at cost to Clubs and SLSNR for fundraising events, auctions etc.  (Set the auction reserve to cover cost - and raise funds in excess of $1000 per board)
  • SLSNR Members will qualify for a Friends and Family Discount of 10% when ordering direct from SUPSNZ
  • Free delivery around NZ

For more info, or to order yours please contact Jeremy on 021 926 698

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