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Steelman Challenge 2014

Help someone up in their fight against cancer!

When you’re diagnosed with cancer you get thrown off-balance and the cancer treatments can really knock you down.  The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust helps patients dealing with cancer treatments to get back up and take the first steps on the road to recovery.  But right now PINC & STEEL has 50 cancer patients on its waiting list and needs help to raise $25,000 to fund their physical rehabilitation.

Sign up your team for some fun and games on Takapuna Beach on 25 May 2014 and help someone up!

The Steelman Challenge is a stand up paddle relay race for teams, with a series of obstacle challenges on the beach to test balance, strength, flexibility and fitness; the very things PINC & STEEL’s rehab programs are designed to help restore to people living with cancer, or the effects of cancer.

The event will be held on Auckland’s Takapuna Beach on Sunday May 25 and like a mini survivor-style adventure race, teams will rely on strategy and cunning to finish each challenge in record time and cross the finish line together.

NZ-representative triathlete and recent paddle-boarding convert Lou James established PINC & STEEL in 2006 to help subsidise the cost of rehabilitation services to people diagnosed with cancer.  Lou draws a parallel with physical rehab after an injury to help people understand the importance of cancer rehab;

“Three years ago I had a skiing accident and tore my ACL.  I was very lucky to get the support of ACC to help fund my surgery and rehabilitation so I could get back to doing all the sports I love.  If I’d had cancer surgery and treatments however, I wouldn’t have had any government funding for my physical rehabilitation, even though exercise is proven to increase your chance of surviving cancer, reduce your chance of getting it again, and has a huge impact on your emotional recovery.” 

Today, PINC & STEEL aims to provide subsidised rehabilitation to more than 2000 cancer patients across New Zealand and Australia every year and is the biggest cancer rehabilitation program in Australasia.

Learning to live with cancer or the effects of cancer is tough. Severe fatigue, depression, reduced muscle strength and pain affects many people after cancer treatment. Heart problems, osteoporosis and lymphoedema are also unfortunate long-term consequences.

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Programs provide individualised, prescribed rehabilitation to women and men diagnosed with cancer; helping them to heal as well as possible and to function at optimal levels through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

WHY Stand Up Paddling & The Steelman Challenge?

Last October, Lou discovered Stand up paddling (SUP), which she says is an “amazing form of exercise that ticks all the boxes for core and postural strengthening, balance and improving functional and cardiovascular fitness, with the added bonus of getting outside on the water.”

“I challenge YOU to register your friends/family/colleagues to take on the Steelman Teams Paddlefit Challenge and help someone up,” says Lou. 

All ages and skill levels are welcome at the event, with boards available to use, awesome prizes up for grabs and the first 100 entries get a free t-shirt.

For more info about the Steelman event or PINC & STEEL go to


All registrations received before 19 May will be in to win a Starboard SUP ASAP WHOPPER, tufskin paddle and leash.

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