20-Jun-2018 10:13 a.m.

Steelman Raises $13k!

Steelman Junior Champs Dominic Stuart, Jacob Worrall and Daniel Woud of Mount Hobson Middle School get ready to race.  The 12-year-old boys were the first Junior team to finish, completing the course in 59 minutes.  

Yesterday's Steelman Challenge saw over 100 competitors (37 teams) take to the waters of Takapuna Beach, raising so far $13,356.90 for the Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust.

That’s enough to put 50 people with cancer through the Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Programs!

The Steelman Challenge was a fun obstacle race, designed to test participants functional fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.  Each team took on a series of 7 obstacles, including a climbing wall, seated brick pull, hurdles, crawl, America’s Cup Grinding pedestals, sandbag sprints and a balance challenge, with a stand up paddle lap in between each obstacle.  


Also deserving recognition was 12 year old Oscar Murrell, who did the whole Steelman Challenge solo.  He was up against adult solo competitors Mark Richardson (Crowd Goes Wild), Steel Ambassador and cancer survivor Nick White, Jeremy Stephenson, Shane Murrell and top individual fundraiser Deon Boonzaier.


Actor Manu Bennett with his partner Karin Horen and daughter Huia Bennett of Milford, participated as a family team, with 7yr-old Huia paddling on the board with them, and completing a number of the obstacles with her Dad’s help.

“The Steelman Challenge is all about helping someone up after they get knocked down by cancer treatments.  Karin had just come out of her last breast cancer surgery 4 days before the event, so it was really inspiring to see her able to participate with her family’s support.  

"It was also great to see people running around the course together, cheering their team-mate on as they completed the obstacles, and the superhero capes the teams wore and used as relay batons really added a fun element,” said event organiser Victoria Stuart of SUPSNZ.


"We’d love to see more families and young people entering the event next year.  It is designed so children as young as five can take part with their parents, as well as cancer survivors or older people who may not feel as confident entering a physical challenge.  

"Exercise is so important, not just for lowering your risk of cancer, but helping prevent all sorts of disease, depression, obesity… the more we can do to encourage people to get moving, the healthier we’ll all be!"

Pinc and Steel Director Lou James is stoked to be able to now fulfil the goal of helping the 50 people currently on a waiting list for physical rehabilitation through the Pinc and Steel programs.  

"The money we have raised will subsidise their treatment and help them take their first steps on the road to recovery”.

"95% of Pinc and Steel’s income goes directly to helping people with cancer through the rehab programs.  As a charity that’s run on the smell of an oily rag, we’re really proud of the Steelman event and the fundraising achieved."

If you are able to help please go to http://www.everydayhero.co.nz/event/steelman2014

Download 2014 STEELMAN Race Results Here

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