20-Jun-2018 10:13 a.m.

Stand Up World Series 2012 Update

New Zealand postpones until 2013

The revised calendar for the Waterman League's Stand Up World Series has just been announced, with New Zealand event organisers holding fire on a Kiwi event until March 2013.

"We wanted to focus on pulling off a brilliant pan-industry National title event in Auckland this year, so we're joining forces with Takapuna Boating Club and the King of the Harbour race to put on a three-day event 30 March to 1 April, that will next year become the NZ World Paddle Challenge" says event organiser Victoria Stuart of SUPSNZ.  The event will combine Friday night sprint racing on the Viaduct Harbour, a Saturday 25km Downwind race in one of four directions, and Sunday afternoon course racing at Takapuna in 10 person heats, combined with a SUP Expo on the Takapuna Beach reserve.

"Postponing the event gives NZ more time to celebrate our local champions and to raise the $25k prize money needed to make this a prime event on the world calendar, attracting some more of the big names downunder."

This year's revised and provisional Stand Up World Series schedule is as follows: 

Fiji: 13th - 18th November, (2011)
Chile: 17th - 18th February
Mexico: 9th - 11th March
Brazil: April (exact date tbc)
France: 5th - 6th May
Australia: 19th - 20th May
Chicago: 16th - 17th June
Norway: 23rd - 24th June
Sweden: 14th - 15th July
Maui: 21st - 22nd July
Kauai: 3rd - 4th August
Oregon: 18th - 19th August
Germany: 31st August - 2nd September
Florida: 9th - 11th September
California: 26th September - 3rd October
World Championship Finals, North Shore Paddle Challenge: 12th - 14th October

Stay tuned to www.standupworldseries.com for entry information and all news.

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