20-Jun-2018 10:13 a.m.

Pod: Be True

Stand Up Paddling has often been compared to yoga, not just for the meditative effect of the paddling itself, but also in how it gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself, your breath, nature, and to strengthen and lengthen your physical body, stand tall, reach further, and stay balanced.

So for me, practising yoga both on and off the water, is a fully natural extension of my stand up paddling.  The yoga complements the paddling, the paddling the yoga.  And I am passionate about sharing the awesome benefits of both.

My SUP Yogi partner Natalie Stettler and I started the Pod Womens' SUP, Yoga and Wellness events in 2013 with cancer survivor Karin Horen and physiotherapist Lou James as a way to celebrate “Pink October” - breast cancer awareness month.  Karin’s motto is always to know your own SELF - your body and your normal, and to always question what doesn't feel right.  It’s helped her survive cancer (and a misdiagnosis) twice.

Pod events aren’t focussed on cancer so much as living a healthy and active lifestyle, and giving women the chance to do something for themselves that could just change their lives.  

Victoria and I are both active Mums, trying to share our passion for health and wellness, nurture the growth of our Pod community, and support each other.  When you come to these events and meet 50 other women who are all in similar situations to you, it helps you realise you are not alone,” says Natalie.

The event is themed around being “true to yourself”, including beauty and nutrition alongside the yoga and paddling.  Being “true" means listening to your own internal guidance, so our speakers and guests are specially chosen to help give the tools and motivation to do this.

For me being true is about being able to say ’no’ to what doesn’t serve you, and also having the courage to stand up for what you believe in” says Natalie.

Trying something new, like paddleboarding or SUP Yoga, helps give you confidence.  I love seeing the pure joy on peoples faces when they try and succeed the first time, and I also thrive on giving more experienced paddlers new challenges.  

The connection is important too: SUP is a social sport, but also still quite new, and it can be hard to find other women to paddle together with.  With Pod, women are introduced to a whole community of like-minded people, enabling them to explore and adventure together.

On Sunday 9th October we are holding our fourth annual Pod event, at TRUE food and yoga in Okahu Bay,  The event is an exclusive one-day womens' SUP and yoga retreat with a special focus on beauty, nutrition and giving you the tools and motivation to "be true to yourself". 

This year we are joined by Sarah Wilkinson (holistic nutritionist and clinical consultant for BePure), Natalie Stettler (yoga teacher, wellbeing enthusiast and happiness advocate), Pro stand up paddler Penelope Strickland, former Model Agent and SUP Instructor Marlene Jackson, PaddleFit Pro Coach Victoria Stuart, and Skincare Experts Bianca and Jayde from Saku Skin.

The day will include:

- Ashtanga yoga with Natalie Stettler in the TRUE yoga studio
- Breakfast with BePure holistic nutritionist Sarah Wilkinson
- Beginner to advanced stand up paddling workshops with Starboard
- SUP yoga
- Massage, me-time + TRUE yoga mini facials with Saku Skin
- Late Lunch, music and a celebratory drink at TRUE food and yoga
- Deluxe take-home gift bags

Pod is an annual event in Pink October - breast cancer awareness month - to bring in focus the importance of exercise, nutrition and mental health in helping to reduce the risk of cancer.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust for the PaddleOn program, a SUP Cancer Rehabilitation Program for men and women after cancer WWW.PADDLEON.CO.NZ


We look forward to seeing you on the 20th November!  

Victoria x

PS Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!
Tickets: $249

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