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1. Introduction

The rules for the New Zealand SUP championship are outlined below. This document does not cover safety and race rules for the King of the Harbour unless explicitly mentioned in this document. This document covers the rules for the Slalom race component of the NZ SUP championship and the overall points scoring and awarding of the prizes for the New Zealand SUP Slalom championship and Overall NZ SUP Champion.

2. King of the Harbour

For those competing in the King of the Harbour (distance component of the NZ SUP championship)

The rules for this are available at www.kingoftheharbour.co.nz

The race director will be notifying competitors via email (this includes any amendments). There will also be a race briefing held prior to the start of the King of the Harbour. Any rules that pertain to both events will be covered in this document.

Saturday race registration will be held by the entrance to the Hobson West Marina (situated on Hobson Wharf alongside the Maritime Museum).  Drop off zone for three vehicles here.


Scrutineering and late registrations, load boards on to ferry


Fullers Ferry Starflyte will leave for Waiheke or Gulf Harbour for the start


SUP race start, all course options:  Waiheke


Ocean ski start, all course options: Waiheke


First paddlers expected from this time.


Race officially over. 

3. Entry Fee and Eligibility

Paddlers will be required to have paid the entry fee in full to be eligible for prizes and points in the NZ SUP Championship.  It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to race.

4. Age Eligibility

To determine which class a paddler will race, competitor age will be their age as at 31 March 2012.

5. Liability

Competitors participate in the event entirely at their own risk. The organizing author­ity will not accept any liability for material dam­age or personal injury or death sus­tained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the event.

6. Official Notice Board

The official notice board will be located next to the finish area. This will be confirmed at the event briefing. These rules will be posted on the Official Notice Board. All other event information including changes to the rules or event will be posted on the official notice board.

7. Schedule of Events

Race registration

1130am  until 1245pm inside the Takapuna Boating Club. Eftpos is available to pay your entry fee.

Race Draw

The race draw will be completed once registration has closed. 

Race Briefing

The NZ SUP slalom Championship briefing will be held at 12:45pm outside the Takapuna Boating Club.

Racing Schedule

The full draw will be posted on the official notice board and will start at 1pm. Finals are scheduled to start no later than 4pm or as soon as all the qualifying races are complete.

Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the Official Notice board.

Prize giving

Will take place at 6pm inside the Takapuna Boating Club

 8. Race and Safety Briefing

There will be a race and safety briefing held at 1245pm. The briefing will cover all points outlined in this document and any amendments to this.

It will include race and safety information- and will include and other information deemed relevant.


It should be noted that safety of the participants is the number one priority of the race director and the event staff.

9. Competitor Rules and Safety

It is the sole responsibility of the individual paddler as to whether or not they should compete. The rules for racing are outlined below.


a) A competitor must be standing while paddling once a race has started until crossing over the finish line.  A competitor is allowed to sit, lay or kneel to rest without making forward progress. If a competitor takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying or kneeling once a race has started the competitor may be disqualified (DNF). The exception with this would be for safety reasons where a competitor needs to avoid or may be put into a potentially dangerous situation that would put them or others at risk of injury and or property damage. 


b) A competitor shall only use the paddle, waves and wind to propel the board forward during a race. No outside assistance drafting a vessel not in the race, form of a sail, clothing designed to catch wind, or any other speed device not considered the norm to SUP racing is allowed.  Wash riding powered/sail vessels is prohibited.  


c) The safety of all participants is the number one priority of the race director and the event staff. Participants shall attend all competitor meetings and race postings to keep themselves informed with the typical conditions for the race and also the day of conditions to be expected.  The race director will warn the competitors of any dangers that could occur and where all safety personal will be located on the course during the pre-race competitors meeting.  Competitors shall be mindful of the hand signals to be used if someone is injured, danger (paddle in the air, waiving or erect) or in need of help but not injured (hand in the air).  All competitors should be mindful with any persons that may be in danger during the course of the race and should assist or help get safety staff attention. 


d) The use of a board leash and/or Personal flotation device will be at the discretion of the paddler. However the race director may decide that Board leashes must be worn if paddler safety is at risk.  Leash and PFD must be worn in the King of the Harbour race.

10. Race Course (Slalom)

The NZ SUP slalom championship will be raced over a M or extended M-shape. It will be shown at the race briefing and any changes will be posted to the event race notice board. The race course will start and finish on the beach.


Staging area

Competitors will be required to place their boards in the staging area before and after their race. The staging area will be defined at the race briefing.


Course area.

The outer limit for the course area will be set inside the yellow ski lane buoys. The southern boundary will be before an imaginary line from the strand ramp and the northern most ski lane marker. The northern boundary will be an imaginary line from the Takapuna Boating Club northern boundary and an imagery line from there the green reef marker.


Race length

The target race time will be approximately 8 minutes. This is subject to change at the discretion of the race director to allow the race schedule to be completed within the stated event time.



The start will be a line between two flags identified at the race briefing. The start line will be perpendicular to the first turning mark.

Competitors will carry their boards and paddles from the start line to the water.

They will race to the first slalom mark following the slalom course as described at the race briefing.



Paddlers will race from the last turning slalom mark to the beach where they will be required to run up the beach and finish carrying their paddles. The finish line will be between 2 flags at the bottom of the reserve ramp.


11. Starting and Finishing Procedures/Moving Mark

a) Starting Sequence- TBA


b) Moving Mark or Buoy-  A race director must notify competitors of a moved mark or moving mark and either anchor the mark before the first competitor has reached the stated mark or replace the moved or moving mark so all competitors are racing the similar distance and or shape of course.

12. Drafting


  1. For the King of the Harbour race on Sat 31 March drafting is not allowed.
  2. For the NZ SUP slalom championship drafting is allowed.

13. Violations/Penalties/Protest

It is the competitor’s responsibility to compete in a sportsmanlike fashion and avoid collision at all times. The violations include but are not limited to

  1. Purposely obstructing or interfering with another competitor.
  2. Causing damage or bodily harm to another competitor or their equipment.
  3. Use of profane language toward any persons or competitor during the event
  4. Not rounding a mark or completing the specified course
  5. Avoiding a collision
  6. Adhering to the drafting rules.


  1. If there is contact or un-sportsmen like conduct during the time of a race that effects the outcome for any racer and they feel they have been penalized or interfered with that has caused the racer to lose position and or time, the competitor that was deemed penalized must file a protest within 5 minutes of the last person to finish the race in question.  In doing so the competitor must inform the other party(s) that they may have fouled them during the course of the race and also bring in any witness’s to attest to their claim and or protest to the race director.  All protest decisions are final upon the race director’s review and the race director may rule in favour or overrule the protest.
  2. Violations of the rules and/or unsportsmanlike conduct by a competitor that is listed in this document or that is posted by the race director on the Official notice board include -relegation (competitor is penalised places in their race)

-Disqualification from the race

-Disqualification from the event.

14. SUP Race Board Classes

The classes supported for the NZ SUP slalom championships are as follows


12’6” Open Men

12’6” Open Women

12’6” Masters Men – 50 and over

SUP Surfboard - 12’2 and under

Novice Men  12’6” and under

Novice Women 12’6” and under

Juniors Under 16 - Any board 12’6” or under and male or female


To be eligible for Overall NZ Champion you will have to paddle both the King of the Harbour and the NZ slalom championship. The classes supported for the Overall New Zealand SUP champion are as follows


            12’6” Open Men

12’6” Open Women

Unlimited (Must paddle 12’6” for the Slalom Event)

15. Participants to support a class

  1. Trophy- A minimum of 3 participants is recommended to make a class in any division to trophy.
  2. Men Ranking- A minimum of 5 participants is required for Men’s for all age or board divisions to receive points for rankings.
  3. Women/17 Under- A minimum of 3 participants is required for Women and 16 Under for all age or board divisions to receive points for rankings.
  4. Prize Money- There is a prize money pool which is yet to be determined.

16. Points Scoring and Results

The points to be awarded for the King of the Harbour are as follows

12’6” Open Men, 12’6” Open Women and Unlimited

1st = 1 Point

2nd = 2 Point

3rd = 3 points and so on down to last place. Your class finish place will be the number of points you receive.


The points to be awarded for the NZ SUP slalom are as follows

12’6 Open Men (incorporating those paddlers who rode Unlimited in KOH)

12’6” Open Women


1st = 1.5

2nd= 2.5

3rd= 3.5

4th= 4.5

5th= 5.5

6th= 6.5

7th= 7.5

8th= 8.5

9th= 9.5

10th= 10.5 down to the last place competitor. Points are calculated by taking your place and adding 0.5.


For the NZ slalom championships trophies and prizes will be awarded in the following classes


12’6 Open Men 1st,2nd,3rd

12’6 Open Women 1st,2nd,3rd

12’6” Masters Men 1st,2nd,3rd

Novice Men 1st,2nd,3rd

Novice Women 1st,2nd,3rd

Surfboard Class 1st,2nd,3rd

Junior 1st,2nd,3rd


The points for the Overall NZ SUP Champion will be the combined scores from the King of the Harbour result and the NZ SUP slalom championships.

The 12’6 male, 12’6 female and the Unlimited competitor will the lowest combined points score in will be winners.

Trophies will be awarded for Overall 1st place in Open Mens, Open Womens and Unlimited.


Prizes will only be awarded in each division meeting the minimum participant requirements stated in rule 14. 

17. SUP Raceboard Classes Defined

Unlimited (King of the Harbour Only)

Any size board (over 12'6”)

With or without rudder.

No fins with foils
No multi-hulls


SUP 12’6” Class:   

 Length - 12’6” ft maximum 

 Board Weight - No Weight Restriction. 

 Board Design - No minimum dimensions. 


SUP Surfboard Class:  

 Length - 12’2” ft maximum, with rounded nose and rocker

 Board Weight - No Weight Restriction. 


Novice Class:  

 This can be any board with a length of 12’6” maximum


Other Rules

1)   Twin Hulls (catamaran) are NOT allowed. 

2)    Fin(s) are allowed, except for fins that have one or multiple points protruding from any 

one fin.

3)   Rudder(s) are allowed only in Unlimited Class for King of the Harbour

4)   Foil(s) are NOT allowed on any fins or attached to a board.  


18. Definitions of SUP Board Attachments and Paddle


Fins may be of any length, width or shape, provided the Fin design does not promote the upward lift characteristics of a Foil and is not angled greater than 30 degrees from perpendicular to the bottom of the board (90 degrees). Fins are fixed to the bottom of the board, do not pivot and do not have controls for steering. 



Foils are defined as any Fin that is angled greater than 30 degrees from perpendicular to the bottom of the board (90 degrees), or any Fin with appendages, or any Fin designed to promote an upward lift. Foils may be of any design and shall only be allowed on Open Class boards.  


Rudders are defined as any Fin or Foil that pivots in order to steer the board. The paddler will usually have a device on the deck that controls the angle of the Rudder in order to steer the board. 


Twin Hulls (catamarans)

Are defined as two separate hulls attached together in any manner, or any board with a concave bottom greater than two inches (2” or 5 cm) deep measured at any cross section on the bottom of the board. 



 The board length is measured from nose to tail at ninety (90) degree angles from the boards natural flat laying position with the deck facing up.



 A paddle shall be a single blade design, with one blade on one end and a handle on the other end. The length of a paddle may be adjustable. Only a single paddle may be used while racing. A replacement paddle may be fixed to the board.

19. Other Rules

Any other  rules or changes not mentioned in these instructions will be notified via the official notice board.

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