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Molokai2Oahu 2011

Kona Brewing Company has signed on to be one of the presenting sponsors of the 15th annual Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships scheduled for July 31st 2011.  The race has long been considered the World Championships of both traditional paddling as well as the more recent sport of Stand Up Paddling. The 32-mile channel crossing begins on the shores of the island of Molokai and finishes on the island of Oahu through one of the most dangerous waterways in the world.  It is without a doubt the most difficult and demanding race in the sport and held in the highest regard by the international paddling community.  Adds 9-time winner Jaime Mitchell, "I know that after nine wins people wonder what's left to prove, but the Molokai channel is such a personal pursuit for me.  Combine 32 miles, currents, sharks, heat and dehydration - then the unpredictability of what's going to happen out there - and it's that challenge that keeps me coming back, year after year.  I don't think you ever truly master the channel."

 jaime 32

Over the last 14 years the event has evolved from a grassroots styled challenge for the legendary lifeguard watermen of the North Shore of Oahu, to become the defining event for the sport of  Paddleboarding. Today, the event has over 8 main divisions and relays that include traditional "stock" class boards all the way up to the "Unlimited Open" divisions that showcase some of the most technically advanced designs and materials from top manufacturers around the world. The event draws competitors from over 14 countries, is covered by numerous international media outlets and has become the standard for which true champions in the sport are measured by.   


koko borwn label small"We are very proud to be a presenting sponsor of the 15th annual Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships"said Kona Brewing Company President and CEO Mattson Davis. "Stand Up Paddling may be one of the  fastest growing recreational sports in the world, but it's also an important part of Hawaii's history and culture - it has just taken the rest of the world a while to catch on! The sport is such an integral part of life in Hawaii that we have even dedicated our latest beer to it, Koko Brown Coconut Brown Ale. This new addition to our lineup of Kona's bottled beers, features vintage artwork depicting a stand up paddler on the waters of Maunalua Bay, the finish line of the race."


"The sponsors of the event have been a big part of the success of this race.  These partnerships allow us to showcase our world class athletes as they navigate the challenges of the Ka'iwi Channel.  Kona Brewing's commitment to the event is a testament to a company living its values and supporting its home State," said Shannon Delaney of the M2O group. "The race is inspiring and the value of attaching brands with the event is evident by the scope of the challenge and the emotion of each athlete crossing the finish line.  We are excited that Kona Brewing is expanding its role with the event and look forward to a working together for years to come.


The legacy of Aloha lives on this year with Duke's Waikiki hosting race registration, the press conference and the event's perpetual trophy handcrafted in beautiful Koa.   "The race represents the true spirit of Aloha and Duke's is committed to embracing the sport of modern day paddleboarding. We are thrilled to be playing host in Waikiki," commented Dylan Ching, General Manager.   "All of the Duke's restaurant's are on board this year and many of us plan on racing."


Additional sponsors on board again this year include Maui Jim, Waterman's Sunscreen, Patagonia, Stand Up Paddle Magazine and Garmin.    

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