20-Jun-2018 10:13 a.m.

King of the Harbour Race Brief


All paddlers must attend the Safety Briefing on Saturday morning prior to the race start.

  • All paddlers must wear a PFD.

  • Hi vis top must be worn over the top of PFDs.

  • A paddle or ankle leash must be worn.

  • Carry a smoke flare.

  • Please let us know if you have any health issues which we should know about.

  • Be aware of other harbour users.

  • Be aware of hidden rocks and reefs.

  • Be aware of ferry movements across the harbour.

  • Paddlers will be instructed to raise their hand/paddle above their head or use their smoke flare to indicate to boat crews that they need assistance.

  • Boat crews can stop any paddler if they show signs of not completing the paddle in an acceptable condition or time.

  • Help any paddler in trouble.

  • It is recommended that all paddlers be hydrated prior to the event and carry enough fluid for a 3 hour race.  

  • Paddlers must follow the direction of the race director/organiser or nominated support crew.

  • Paddlers purposely obstructing other paddlers in the field could result in the paddler being withdrawn from the race and/or disqualification.

  • Make sure that race numbers are clearly visible from both sides of ski or SUP.

  • Give your race number to the time keeper before you get on the water.

  • Keep right when leaving Viaduct Harbour and give way to all vessels. (Viaduct start)

  • Keep left when entering the Viaduct Harbour and give way to all vessels. Once inside the Viaduct Harbour get out is to your left.

  • Proceed to warm-up area straight away keeping the entrance free.

  • Do not leave the warm-up area until the race start.

  • The race start will be between the 2 Takapuna Boating Club boats.

  • A red flag will be raised 2 minutes before the race start.

  • When the flag drops with a sound signal the race is underway.  A five minute time penalty will be added to paddlers that jump the start.

  • Start order SUP’s, double skis, OC1 then single skis.

  • Wash-riding powered/sail vessels is prohibited.

  • No drafting is allowed in Stand Up Paddle.

Ships movements scheduled for the Ports of Auckland on 31 March; One arrival at 1.30pm and one departure at 3.00pm

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