20-Jun-2018 10:13 a.m.

A Sea of Pink

Karin Horen was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. 

A lumpectomy and year of treatment followed.  "I wanted to continue my life just the way it was.  Not stop for a

second.  I felt desperate to win, not to give up.  I was lucky to be diagnosed in an early stage.  For me its all about knowing your body well, being aware.  This is what saved me."

Now 38, mother of (almost) three and fitness instructor Karin was introduced to Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) by her partner Manu Bennett two years ago.  "The first time I got on a board I could just feel my body floating on the water, relaxed and calm, I paddled away into the ocean.  Stood firm and allowed myself to be carried away.  Its that kind of sport in which you can just drift away, or race like a warrior.  I realized what I could get from it, and have been paddling ever since.  SUP gives me strength, positive energy, clears my mind and makes me more aware of my body and loving my body.  When I want peace, I can just ride slowly into the distance, and when I want to get the real fitness out of it I paddle hard.  The fighter in me gets out.  Its a great feeling."

After winning her own battle with, Karin became dedicated to helping others fight breast cancer.  She has been invoved in the Breast Cancer Foundation in Sydney and Israel, and is now planning a Community Event in her new home of Auckland for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation this October: The Starboard Paddle for Hope.  A fun, family-oriented Stand Up Paddle team relay on the Viaduct Harbour, the Starboard Paddle for Hope aims to raise awareness and $60,000.

200 celebrities, media and sports personalities, breast cancer survivors and friends all dressed up in pink will hit the waters of the Viaduct Harbour on Saturday 15 October at 12pm.  The race will be followed by a charity auction at Snapdragon Kitchen & Bar from 2pm.

To join Karin and help reduce the number of New Zealanders who develop or die from breast cancer, and improve the lives of those affected, get on board with the Paddle for Hope.  Like us on Facebook or make a charitable donation online with Uncle Percy

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