PaddleFit Classes


1st Sept - 6th Oct 2017

Okahu Bay - Wednesdays 6.30am | Fridays 6.30am & 7.30am

Takapuna - Thursdays 6.30am | Fridays 9.30am


PaddleFit Water is a six-week small group program designed to improve paddling technique, strength and endurance.  Progress through proper paddling fundamentals, and work on paddling efficiency, increasing speed and preventing injury in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Poor technique can lead to sore backs, shoulders or RSI, so before you crank into the race season, lay down the right pillars.  Class is for those who have some paddling experience.  Private lessons by arrangement.

About your coach:  PaddleFitPro (Level 3) Coach and ISA/NZSUP Certified Instructor Victoria Stuart has been paddling since 2008, and enjoys all aspects of SUP: racing, downwinding, surfing, SUP Yoga and Fitness paddling, and adventuring.  Her passion is sharing her love and knowledge of SUP with others, she has helped develop and teach the PaddleOn SUP Rehabilitation program with The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, and organises SUP events and classes to help inspire and give confidence, especially to women and juniors.  New Starboard demos can be arranged during her classes.

Text or ph 021 644 129 to book.



3rd Nov - 15 Dec 2017

PaddleFit Basic (Zero to Hero)

4-week learn to stand up paddle program, using fun drills to learn correct technique and build paddle fitness while you explore Auckland's beautiful waterways.  Quality Starboard equipment provided.
$85 (BYO Board) or $150 (Board included)

Orakei Basin or Okahu Bay - Mon 8-9am or 10-11am | Wed 8-9am or 10-11am

Castor Bay - Tues 8-9am, 10-11am | Thurs 8-9am, 10-11am

PaddleFit Tech II

PaddleFit Tech II is our advanced paddling technique class.  A six-week program to work with you on your technique progression and help you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling at your best.
$125 (BYO Board) or $220 (Board included)

Okahu Bay - Wed 6.30am

Takapuna - Fri 6.30am, 7.30am or 9.30am


Open all

Our motto for our on-water class is: spending time on water is the only way to get better at paddling. Each individual class will have a main theme and area of focus whether that be paddling drills, strength exercises or paddling intervals. The PaddleFit Water class will allow us to work on paddling technique as well as strength and endurance. Learning proper technique is beneficial for many reasons including increased performance, injury prevention, making SUP a core workout and enhancing your enjoyment of SUP. Designed in six-week program blocks in which you will progress through proper paddling fundamentals in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

(I) TECH I: Beginner-Intermediate level classes
(II) TECH II: Intermediate-Advanced level, for those who have some paddling experience.

Class Times: 6.30am-7.30am | 7.30am - 8.30am | 9.30am-10.30am
Time: 1 hour
Age: 16 and up
Fee: $220 for six weeks | $40 one-off
BYOB (Bring Your Own Board): $125 | $30 one-off

Please phone or text Victoria 021 644 129.

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15% Discount on Starboard Gear for all PaddleFit Customers.

Victoria Stuart 021 644 129

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17-Oct-2018 03:38 PM

Pod Wellbeing on Water

Join our Pod for a day of connection, movement, rhythm and growth at Castor Bay beach as we explore what it is to be in a state of flow and in tune with your own natural rhythm.
SUP Yoga, PaddleFit Tempo Workshops, Breath and Meditation with an amazing group of likeminded humans.

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17-Oct-2018 04:38 PM

Free Open Day at Takapuna

Bring your friends and family along to Takapuna on Sunday 4 November for a FREE chance to try stand up paddling, SUP Yoga, or a PaddleFit Complete Beach and Water Workout with SUPWell Coaches Victoria Stuart and Helen Blair and the Starboard Team.

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17-Oct-2018 04:01 PM

Free Open Day at Judges Bay

Bring your friends and family along to Judges Bay for a chance to try stand up paddling, SUP Yoga, or a PaddleFit Complete Beach and Water Workout with SUPWell Coaches Victoria Stuart and Helen Blair.

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