Wero Moving Water and Turns Workshop

Vector Wero Whitewater Park

Saturday 18 August


Are you ready for a new dimension in your paddling? Join the Starboard crew at Wero on 18 August for your chance to get things moving! Moving water, moving your weight, moving around an obstacle... everything on a river moves really fast and its handy to have some skills under your belt before you hit the Waikato for the iconic Cam 2 Ham adventure on 16 September, especially with the new SUP Cross event to be contested after the long race. 

In the 2-hour Wero workshop we'll cover everything from paddle strokes to how to read the flow, and you'll have a chance to play around on the moving water as you practise pivot turns on the Wero lake. You'll be teamed up with paddlers of a similar skill level, so beginners through to pros can all get something out of this. 

Check out Starboard's Dan Gavere Pro-tips videos on bracing and the ferry manoeuvre for a cheeky headstart, and sign up for the workshop today.

For more group training for the Cam 2 Ham, sign up to our 30-day Spring Challenge or join a PaddleFit Training Group...  


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Get ahead of the pack and experience paddling on moving water and build turning skills with this custom made workshop at New Zealand's only dedicated whitewater training facility.

Our Venue:
The workshop will take place in the lake (not the rapids) at Vector Wero Whitewater Park.

Who is it for: paddlers of all skill levels will be able to learn new skills or stretch their current skill level.
- If you've never paddled before on moving water and you're thinking about doing the Cambridge to Hamilton paddle, this is the perfect introduction to give you more confidence before you hit the Waikato river.
- For those who have some moving water experience, this is a golden opportunity to get your race board on the lake and learn some new tricks (even the pros do buoy turn practise!)

Workshop format:
In groups of similar ability you'll have expert tuition to:
- understand how current can affect your board and what to look for on the river surface, so you can stay on your board and go faster
- learn turning techniques in moving water (cross bow, pivot turns)
- learn turning around buoys of different sizes and shapes in moving water
- fine tune entry into and exit from turns in moving water
- add speed for those with turning experience and skills

Your team of coaches:
We'll be tapping into the resources of Wero's dedicated moving water training programs, alongside the wealth of knowledge and expertise of your coaches Jeremy Stephenson, Victoria Stuart and Helen Blair. All ISA SUP instructor qualified and Victoria and Helen are NZ's only PaddleFit Pro qualified coaches.

Equipment Requirements:
- All paddlers are required to wear an approved life jacket - type 406 or similar (not an inflatable or waist belt) https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/recreational/safety/lifejackets/lifejacket-types.asp
- All paddlers are required to wear an approved whitewater helmet
- You can bring your solid board, however it is a concrete facility so this is at your own risk. Wero and SUPSNZ will not accept any responsibility for damage to equipment.
- All leashes must be removed from the boards
- Paddle boarders are not permitted down either of the rapids

$70 for the workshop including Lake Pass entry for 2 hours (using your own equipment).

Additional Equipment hire if needed from Wero:
Life jackets $10
Helmet hire $10
Wetsuit $20
Alternatively to hire Wero SUPs and above equipment $50.00

Register for the workshop here.
Cost $70pp can be paid by online banking or debit/credit card (please contact Victoria 021 644 129 with credit card details)

Enter the event online


Sign up for Starboard's 30-day training plan for the Cam 2 Ham 23km or 11km race
SIGN UP AT https://goo.gl/forms/jn4l2X9XaUWrnGeX2

The periodised Training Plan is designed to help motivate you back on to the water in time for the Cambridge to Hamilton Race on 16 September, you can choose to do it on your own (perfect if you live out of Auckland) or join a PaddleFit Group Training Session from 1-4 times a week.

Contact Vic 021 644 129 for more info.

Victoria (021) 644 129

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