Daniel Hasulyo

Daniel and his brother have truly been making waves since they moved to New Zealand in 2014.
They have revolutionised the way standup paddlers are now training after hosting the Starboard SUP
Academy in Piha. Daniel won line honours in both the long distance and technical races at the 2015
NZ SUP Champs. We're all excited to see how this young man performs on the international circuit
this coming season.

Favourite board to RACE:

When it comes to racing, we are very lucky to have the best development team behind us, offering the best options for any water condition. SUP is a technical sport and you really have to choose well your weapons if you are aiming to the top of the podium. 

- Choppy Water and Open Ocean: 12'6"X25" ACE

I like to go a bit wider on open ocean races as i think those extra inches are making a huge difference when you start to get tired. For sure i would choose an ACE, as there is no other board that performs as good as this choppy water racing machine! 

- Course Race, Surf Race, Over All Favourite: 12'6"X24" & 12'6"X25" ALL STAR

Simply the best boards ever. Fast, Stable, Super easy to turn and amazing fun to Surf! What else to say, you've got to try it! 

- Flat Water: 14'0"X23" SPRINT

Fastes board on earth. When it comes to sprints or long-distance racing, the SPRINT is the only board i can think of. It is amazing how you can loose yourself in the beauty of paddling, while the board seems to fly forward by itself! No other board has ever won so many sprint races as the SPRINT, lets keep this as a golden standard! 

Favourite board to SURF:

Surfing for me means Action, Adrenaline, Fun and Freedom! There are not many sports that combines flow, fear and focus in such a pleasant way! When you pick your wave…you see it coming, it is always up to you if if you launch yourself on it and if you do than is a 1 on 1 game with nature, the rules are simple respect and enjoy :) 

My favourite boards are definitely: 

7'10"X30" AIR BORN 

7'7"X27" PRO

Favourite place to PADDLE:

New Zealand:

Takapuna & Piha

Both places are very special to me. 

Takapuna is simply the best place to train for racing. You can have glassy flat water, ocean chop and even some pretty good swell sometimes. There is nothing better than going out for a paddle with your best friend, biggest rival and brother (Bruno) and your master Jeremy Stephenson, cross the channel, run to the top of the Rangitoto (one of the most well shaped Volcanoes on earth), charge up from the endless view of the islands around, Auckland, the West Coast (i got chills just thinking about it..) and than paddle back to shore hoping to catch up with some orcas, dolphins or seals.

Piha is my home town. Pure Nature. Wild West Coast. One of New Zealand's most dangerous beaches but also the funkiest playground for surfers and Stand Up Paddlers. It's not an easy wave, but i simply love it! Every time you go out in Piha its a different challenge, both with surf and race boards, but there is nothing better on earth after a good session than watching the sunset with your friends, listening to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean, admiring the mystic beauty of Lion Rock, the guardian of this special paradise.


I've started to focus on racing in around the end of 2014. In 2015 i've mostly competed in New Zealand. even though the 015 racing season is still on and with my brother we are planning to attend some important international events as well! (The 11 City Tour, Holland and The Japan Cup in Chigasaki)

2015 New Zealand National Champion

- 1st place Over All: 1st place Long-distance / 1st place Technical Course Race   

- 2nd Place in Cambridge to Hamilton Long Distance SUP race (23kms)

- 1st Place in Paddle For Hope Auckland, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Found Raising Event – Relay

- 2nd Place 2014-2015 STATE BEACH SERIES, TAKAPUNA 12'6"

- 3rd Place Jetts City Surf Series 12'6"

- 1st Place King of the Mountain, Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga - Long Distance 12'6" category

- 1st Place King of the Mountain, Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga - BOP Race 12'6" category

-2nd Place King Of the Harbour, Auckland, 12'6" Category - 27km long distance down wind.

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